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Apartment for Renting

Renting, also known as hiring or letting, it is agreement where a payment is made for temporary use of a property owned by another person. Or payment made for the use of a facility, equipment or service provided by another.

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How does it work Here In Gwill?

Below are list of rental listing based on our information from that deal with apartments and houses in and around Lagos, Nigeria. Most of them deal with short rental unit. Gwill estate does not have any affillation with these housing organisation. But you can contact us for rental and leasing services for guide line.

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GWILL REAL ESTATE QUEST TECHNOLOGY ® is one of the largest independent property management company in the marketplace, providing the most sophisticated Rental solutions for all types of clients. The strength of GWILL REAL ESTATE QUEST TECHNOLOGY ® stems from our over-riding commitment to work in partnership with our clients.